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Lushorama is a lifestyle brand created for the ambitious women who want to fulfill their purpose and still feel great and like their authentic selves while doing it. They want to take good care of themselves, because they understand that when they do, they do better in life and love people better too.

When I first moved from Brazil to Los Angeles to build my brand in the US, I sort of struck out. And I realized I had a lot to learn. Not just about the fashion biz in America, but about taking better care of myself, too.

By being far from the emotional and material support I had back home, I learned the hard way how important it is for me to prioritize my personal well-being as part of my business plan and not just as an afterthought. 

After years of grinding in the LA fashion industry and feeling like I was losing the best of me in the busy lifestyle, I decided I needed to add me to my to-do list. I started working hard not to squander my well being in order to reach my full purpose.  

I started taking care of myself in a holistic way: mind, body and soul. From what I've learned, following a lifestyle that protects me as much as possible from all of the external and internal forces is actually required, and not just a choice. 

The endurance and stamina I need for all the entrepreneurial highs and lows really depend on the quality of my self-care.

So I wanted to create a community through this brand where we can have these conversations and learn more about self-care and remaining authentic even in the midst of so much noise.

 My dream is to create every line of product to support all #lushoramababes out there on their journey of creating their lifestyle of authentic self-care. 

 We're starting with clothing and home decor! All pieces are made by me in the city of my dreams - Los Angeles. I have so much fun creating each one of them and making them by hand for you and I can’t thank each one of you enough for visiting my store and supporting.

I feel like because of you, I’m given the opportunity to live a creative life. I'm always open for feedback and suggestions. I want to learn from you as much as possible, so we can - together - change the world for the better.


Much love,
Nayana Estanislau
Founder & Fashion Designer of Lushorama